Are your internal workflows creating bottlenecks in your business?

There’s a good chance your growth is being stunted due to an absent, antiquated, or overly-complex set of digital processes. It’s probably time to resolve that. Don’t you think?

When you simplify and streamline the technology your team uses to perform their jobs you are also:

What does your business need help with?


Here’s some examples of how we help our clients:

Automate Work

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  • Allowing staff to focus on the important tasks that require creativity and analytical thinking.


  • Trusting the consistency and reliability technology offers to update data, and provide prompts to keep work moving forward.


  • Allowing customers access to your services when it’s convenient for them because you have the infrastructure in place.

Simplify Communication

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  • Centralizing internal communication to minimize searching for information in emails or text threads.


  • Utilizing engaging status bars to communicate progress.


  • Customizing communication tools to increase transparency among teams.


  • Organizing communication with customers to avoid duplication or missed opportunities.

Streamline Customer Experience

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  • Allowing new prospects to engage through online forms and scheduling.

  • Providing online access to their account details and documents through customer portals.

  • Customizing automated and effective communication and follow-up.

  • Designing modern Quote / Contract experiences to support your brand.

  • Allowing easy payment processes that eliminate any outstanding balances.

Update Digital Processes

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  • Working in fewer software platforms to avoid confusion and distraction.

  • Improving project timelines and ensuring deadlines are met.

  • Creating a dashboard for identifying priorities and monitoring progress.

  • Automating menial tasks like data entry and reply emails.

What Clarity Co. Clients Experience:

Brands We Trust:

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ASSESS Technology Productivity
We offer an objective viewpoint and our experience in a variety of platforms will guide you towards the most optimal setup.‎‏‏‎

As your business has grown, have the digital tools you use also grown in complexity? Or perhaps those systems haven’t been able to keep up with your growing business?

There have never been more business tools available to small businesses which is the great news.  With today’s technology options, communication and collaboration shouldn’t be complex.  However, finding the right ones and setting them up to maximize all of their features can be a daunting task for business leaders.

IMPLEMENT Digital Processes
Let us worry about all the details so you can keep focused on running your business.

Nowadays, every business is a digital business.

No matter what you sell, you're using a digital channel to reach your customer or conduct a transaction. Two-thirds of a company’s competitive edge comes from its customer experience. Stop letting opportunities slip through the cracks by not maximizing technology to offer a great experience. 

We help you with the heavy lifting that comes with implementing changes to your digital workflows.  Our structured approach to tackling a digital transformation comes from years of experience.

MAINTAIN Digital Workspaces
We can keep your business technology up-to-date through our quarterly or monthly service plans at the fraction of a cost of a full-time staff member.

Technology is used in various ways. Is yours helping your productivity?

Businesses can use technology in improving customer care, transportation, human resource management, business communication, improving services or products as a way of gaining competitive advantage, etc. While 87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, only 44% are prepared for potential digital disruption.

Don't continue to do what you've always done just because it's comfortable. Let us help you explore if you have the tools in place to impress your customers and keep your team happy!

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We walk with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re optimizing your time and resources in running your business. Starting with a Digital Processes Consultation we help you determine next steps.  From there you can engage our Consultation or Implementation Services. 

About Clarity Co.

We know how frustrating it is when growth is stalled because of bottlenecks in the process. Our founder Carrie Downey started Clarity Co. to help others be more organized and efficient in their work all while setting their growing teams up for success. Things you should know:

Carrie Downey, Owner


We are a small (but mighty) practice of great clinicians and consultants…but NOT great when it comes to digital organizing.  We needed an organized way to communicate, manage tasks and store documents.  We got all that and more from Carrie at Clarity Co.  Not only did she help us identify the tools we needed, most of all…she taught us how to use the resources we were intimidated by — particularly Google Workspace and Trello.  Now we are more organized, accountable and…well-oiled than ever before.  Carrie takes the guesswork out and brings tons of clarity in!  She is beyond patient and genuinely cares about the success of our day to day operations.  We simply could not have asked for a better consultant to work with toward clarity, purpose and progress! 

Dolly Sullivan

Intentional Wellness & Consulting

Carrie helped me establish workflows and learn the ins and outs of 17hats when I decided to commit to using it as a CRM. She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and detail-oriented. She communicated directly, regularly and clearly with me on multiple platforms, including a personalized Trello board to keep track of everything, to make sure she and I understood how we’d work together and what my business processes should look like. She is a really clear thinker, which was indispensable to me as I was trying to make sense of a new CRM and how I wanted my business to operate. She really did help me get to Clarity on it! I would recommend her highly, and have already.

Sara Cummings

All Sorts Organizing

I’d been using 17hats for a couple of years, but felt I wasn’t maximizing its features or how I could use it for my companies. Carrie came highly recommended, and I was so impressed with her streamlining what seemed like a bunch of complicated processes into easy-to-follow, easy-to-create processes. She gave me so many insights that I actually now am excited to use 17hats. I am so grateful for her patience, brilliance, and knowledge. She absolutely provides clarity — and beyond

Trudy Suggs

T.S. Writing Services

How long are you gonna let digital bottlenecks impact your growth?

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