Support Options Starting At:

Community Tech Support

(Most Affordable)
$ 500 Biannually (or $900 Paid Anually)
Others like you find support through:
  • Live Q&A Calls with Tech Experts to overcome hurdles or discuss better options
  • Video Vault of Tech Tours that provide an inside peek at technology that can help your business/organization
  • Co-Working Tech Sessions to help you prioritize time for improving your workflows
  • Community Support & Connections with those who have walked the path and can save you the energy.

We Help You

(Most Flexible)
$ 2,400 12 Weeks Pre-paid Plan
When you intend to DIY but need direction:
  • Software Selection
  • Workflow Design
  • Planning and Tracking
  • Tech How Tos Through DIY

We Do It For You

(Most Support)
$ 6,500 12 Weeks Pre-paid Plan
In partnership with you we’ll:
  • Set Up Your Software
  • Organize Your Digital Processes & Assets
  • Demo New Set Up
  • Support Launch
  • Workflow Design
  • Planning and Tracking
  • Tech How Tos
  • Software Selection
  • Add-Ons Available:
    * Training Users
    * Ongoing Support

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Your very own Chief Digital Operations Officer.

Our digital productivity consultants offer an objective viewpoint while working closely with your team to design custom workflows.

A holistic approach that builds digital systems with your business's growth in mind.

As we get to know more about the inner workings of your business we can offer solutions with company wide benefits.  Implementing and customizing automations typically takes a minimum of 3 months. You can decide how much or little you’d like our help.

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