Is technology soaking up precious time in your business or organization?

You spend endless hours searching for the right software to solve your problem or you don’t know where to start. 

You could have made a lot of money or progress in the time you spent learning the new technology, only to find out it wasn’t the right fit.

Why recreate the wheel when many other businesses have walked this path before you?

It’s time consuming

With hundreds of thousands of software options available on the market today, it’s downright impossible to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. When you do find something that sounds promising, you have to do your own research to determine if it checks off everything on the wishlist and impresses other business owners enough to write a review. Who has time for that?

It’s uncertain

When you finally make a selection you aren’t truly convinced it was the right decision.  You don’t fully understand how it works.  When you finally catch on, you get increasingly more confused because it isn’t always performing the way you thought it would.  Your team isn’t really embracing it the way you had hoped and you want to protect your investment but aren’t quite sure how.

Where do small businesses turn for tech support?

Some can afford a full time IT person on staff. Others contract out their IT support to a provider but aren’t getting help with all their software needs. Most are trying to bootstrap it alone using Google, Reddit & YouTube.

If you desire more clarity around technology, come into a community that’s designed to provide well rounded support so you can feel good about leaning into technology to improve your digital processes and increase productivity.

Do you need this?

A place to turn when you are frustrated with your technology. To receive advice and inside peeks of tech tools / features that could help your business or organization run more efficiently. 

What’s the return?

Save time and money by not having to navigate the world of technology alone.  When your technology functions smoothly, your business can run efficiently. Technology is supposed to lighten your load and make your work more enjoyable. 

Audience for Membership

Small businesses, associations, non profit organizations that:

This membership community will give you access to:

Live Q&A Calls

To address your questions related to software-specific features, integration  / syncing issues, automation ideas, etc. Periodic visits from technology experts in IT, SEO/Marketing, Accounting, etc for live Q&A.

Video Vault

Recorded visual tours through different software options to highlight the purposes of the software, suggested uses, who it helps, features to consider so you don’t have to get your own subscription in order to decide if it’s good for your purposes.

Why Videos?

Video Content will help you: 

  1. decide if products are a good fit for your business before committing to your own account or trial
  2. introduce you to commonly underutilized features within your Google Workspace & Microsoft Office platforms


Access to a community of other business owners refining their tech setup and willing to share their opinions and experience. Help save others from making the same mistakes you made. Let’s learn from one another.

Co-Working Sessions

Devoted time to working on your digital processes and tech set up. Implement changes based on things you’ve learned in the community. Come together to learn from those with more experience and lean on experts to help you overcome hurdles.

Membership Investment

Biannual Dues

$ 500 Paid biannually
  • Group rates available upon request

Annual Dues

$ 900 Paid annually
  • Save $100 when you pay annually
  • Only those who choose the annual membership will have the option to purchase lifetime access to the video vault when their membership expires.


Who is this group intended for?

Small businesses, associations, non profit organizations that:

  • Encounter roadblocks with technology that are holding up business
  • Need technology to help organize their work but are overwhelmed by all the options
  • Do not have a devoted person on staff to work out technology issues
  • Experience tech issues their managed IT service provider doesn’t advise on
  • Consider themselves tech savvy or not, all are welcome
Can I trial the group?

You will have a 30 day money back guarantee. All we ask in return is that you give this membership community a fair shot by watching the videos, engaging with the content, and participating in the events before you make your decision to leave. But if you still don’t feel like it’s the right fit for you, submit your request in writing to the Community Admin at  If it’s received within 30 days of paying your membership fees, you will receive a full refund.

Can my whole team participate?

Memberships provide individual access to the community so you would need to purchase the subscriptions individually.  However, we do offer discounted rates to groups of 3 or more.  To learn more about these rates please inquire at

Is there a discount if I only want a portion of the benefits offered in this membership service?

No, the benefits are designed to provide a well rounded experience of support to leaders who are looking to address digital processes for improving productivity. Each individual benefit on it’s own doesn’t have as much power behind it as all of them packaged together.  With that said, you can receive a $100 discount by paying for the full year up front.

Can you help me decide between the bi-annual or annual membership?

Save a $100 with the full year commitment, it will be worth the investment. Hopefully you can rest easy with the 30 day money back guarantee (read more about it in the FAQ: Can I trial the group?).  But in addition, only Annual Members will have the opportunity to purchase access to the growing video vault beyond their membership.  

What People Are Saying


We are a small (but mighty) practice of great clinicians and consultants…but NOT great when it comes to digital organizing.  We needed an organized way to communicate, manage tasks and store documents.  We got all that and more from Carrie at Clarity Co.  Not only did she help us identify the tools we needed, most of all…she taught us how to use the resources we were intimidated by — particularly Google Workspace and Trello.  Now we are more organized, accountable and…well-oiled than ever before.  Carrie takes the guesswork out and brings tons of clarity in!  She is beyond patient and genuinely cares about the success of our day to day operations.  We simply could not have asked for a better consultant to work with toward clarity, purpose and progress! 

Dolly Sullivan

Intentional Wellness & Consulting

Carrie helped me establish workflows and learn the ins and outs of 17hats when I decided to commit to using it as a CRM. She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and detail-oriented. She communicated directly, regularly and clearly with me on multiple platforms, including a personalized Trello board to keep track of everything, to make sure she and I understood how we’d work together and what my business processes should look like. She is a really clear thinker, which was indispensable to me as I was trying to make sense of a new CRM and how I wanted my business to operate. She really did help me get to Clarity on it! I would recommend her highly, and have already.

Sara Cummings

All Sorts Organizing

I’d been using 17hats for a couple of years, but felt I wasn’t maximizing its features or how I could use it for my companies. Carrie came highly recommended, and I was so impressed with her streamlining what seemed like a bunch of complicated processes into easy-to-follow, easy-to-create processes. She gave me so many insights that I actually now am excited to use 17hats. I am so grateful for her patience, brilliance, and knowledge. She absolutely provides clarity — and beyond

Trudy Suggs

T.S. Writing Services

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